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The european rabbit, which has been introduced on every continent except. A complete handbook on backy ard and commercial rabbit. It should assist in the development and implementation of rabbit breeding. Rabbit owners expect and deserve the same standard of veterinary care for their rabbits as they receive for their cats and dogs. Hunters are at higher risk for tularemia because of the potential for inhaling the bacteria during the skinning process. Technicians will log any enrichment provided to the rabbits in the enrichment log located in the rooms. Sylvilagus includes wild rabbit species, among them the 7 types of cottontail. Young people can easily afford to start keeping rabbits with virtually no financial risk.

As this manual is a compilation of my own experience in rabbit production and relevant literature i would like to express gratitude to the following sources of which illustration and text can be found in this manual. Integrated farming of fish and livestock is an old practice consisting of the culture of fish or shrimp associated with the husbandry of domesticated animals such as pigs, ducks, chicken, etc. Two years ago i started rabbit farming in my small scale backyard. Examine our plans for building rabbit cages, runs, or metal or pvc hutch frames. Peruse our detailed informational and educational e books. It is also intended as a contribution to the preparation and execution of rabbit development programmes, particularly in. Rabbit farming business is a very profitable business, and many people are making money all over the world by raising rabbits for meat. The majority of information found in that handbook was an adaptation and revision of commercial rabbit.

Food and agriculture organization of the united nations, publications division, via delle terme di caracalla, 00100, rome, italy. Upon adopting a rabbit, owners should bring their new pet to their veterinarian for an initial exam and information on proper husbandry, advises dr. Phoenician sailors visiting its coast around the 12th century bc mistook the european rabbit for the familiar rock hyrax procavia capensis of their homeland. Storeys guide to raising rabbits, 4th edition is one of the books i read the most, but if you dont want to purchase a book the usda has a page devoted to rabbit husbandry with many links to. Peruse our detailed informational and educational ebooks. Much of the information contained in this book comes from work and research. The guide to raising and breeding rabbits for meat mother.

The rabbit husbandry, health and production food and agriculture. Rabbits are small mammals in the family leporidae of the order lagomorpha along with the hare and the pika. Wrsa fao publicatins in relation with rabbit production. The guide to raising and breeding rabbits for meat. Please take this brief quiz to test your knowledge. Cuniculture is also employed by rabbit fanciers and hobbyists in the development and betterment of rabbit breeds and the exhibition of those efforts. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Mating two different breeds of rabbits, such as a california and. A complete handbook on backyard and commercial rabbit production glossary pedigree. One of the treasures of this book lies in the chapters on rabbit farming.

Housing in pens on the floor should always be considered before. The rabbit known as microlivestock can be a great source of food production. Mettler shelved 3 times as animalhusbandry avg rating 4. I never liked the idea of producing rabbits only for the meat market, though, so i focused on angora rabbits. The rabbit husbandry, health and production fao animal production and health series no. Feed each rabbit ad libutum teklad 8630 rabbit diet. Lu, clostridium difficile colitis in a rabbit following antibiotic therapy for pasteurellosis j am vet med assoc 179. Farmers hand book on pig production for the small holders at village level european comission. Food and agriculture organization of the united nations. Introduction one of the main advantages of smallscale rabbit farming rabbitry is that, it requires minimal capital investment. Until the 1960s in italy, rabbit breeding was a minor industry and mainly.

There is a great opportunity of rabbit farming, and commercial production can be a great source of income and employment. A correctly written chart recording the male and female ancestors of a rabbit, also showing the date of birth. Each pen can hold 15 rabbits weighing less than 4 kg or 11 rabbits weighing 45 kg. Practical tips for starting a rabbit farm agricultural. The book begins with an overview of rabbit husbandry. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience.

Oryctolagus cuniculus includes the european rabbit species and its descendants, the worlds 305 breeds of domestic rabbit. Cuniculture is the agricultural practice of breeding and raising domestic rabbits as livestock for their meat, fur, or wool. The pocket guide to 49 essential breeds january 7, 2017. Rabbits are small herbivorous mammals in the family leporidae, occasionally domesticated but usually wild. You can get a loan from the bank, or funding from investors, to use as capital to start your rabbit farming business. Good house denotes proper cages or hutches and arrangement for feeding, watering, cleaning.

It teaches the reader about two types of stems, herbaceous and woody, and the covers function of the stem with the plant system. Types of rabbit production fanciers pets, breeding stock, and show animals laboratory furhair angora rex meat largest rabbit market. This book was designed to assemble, in as complete and reliable a manner as possible. Jul 17, 2011 storeys guide to raising rabbits, 4th edition is one of the books i read the most, but if you dont want to purchase a book the usda has a page devoted to rabbit husbandry with many links to. Thebault engineer inra issn 10109021 fao food and agriculture organization of the united nations. Group housing in pens daily rabbits are housed in 7. Ensuring food security in a changing world this publication details our current knowledge on the complex and interrelated challenges that are compounding efforts to achieve global food security. My late husband managed a large section of meat and fur breeds, she says. A beginners guide to raising rabbits, including a rabbit barn, pens, feeders and waterers, breeding stock, care and feeding, breeding, butchering, and meat sales. By following the advice in this book, both rabbit owners and veterinary health professionals report healthier and more content rabbits. Enrichment will be provided to the rabbits by the technicians at changeout and various times throughout the week. Pikas, rabbits, and hares of the world march 29, 2018 necropsy guide for dogs, cats, and small mammals january 30, 2017. It discusses all the common problems that might arise and the interventions you can employ to avoid disaster in the lives of the buck, doe, andor kits. A theory exists though it is somewhat controversial.

Good housing and husbandry for rabbit housing should take account of the following principles. A complete handbook on backyard and commercial rabbit production acknowledgements a complete handbook on backyard and commercial rabbit production replaces an earlier publication of the same name that was produced by the peace corps in 1982. The venture could begin as a backyard or garden enterprise. An abundance of ancient rabbits may have played a part in the naming of spain. International food chains like kfc, mcdonalds, subway, al. This means you will need a larger breed so it will be a decent size by the 8week mark. Husbandry, health and production has 1 available editions to buy at half price books marketplace. Husbandry, health and production fao animal production and health series, no 21f3017 by f.

The rabbit husbandry, health and production cuniculture. Fao expert consultation on rural poultry and rabbit production. The amount of capital required when raising rabbits for meat depends on the scale of the project. Lots of alfalfa hay, little pellets, and fruitsveggies as treats. The book is an encyclopaedic reference work and technical manual, covering world. Read rabbit production online by james i mcnitt, nephi m patton. In addition, the fao maintained that rabbit husbandry is an efficient means of converting feed into meat resource management of high quality low fat and cholesterol with a low environmental impact sustainable agriculture. The laboratory rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, and other rodents, 2012. Food and agriculture organization of the united nations fao concerning the legal or development status of any country, territory, city or area of its authorities. An allnatural approach to raising chickens and other fowl for home and market growers paperback. An extremely rare infection associated with rabbitsasfood is tularemia also known as rabbit fever, which may be contracted from an infected rabbit. Animal husbandry, agricultural sciences, books barnes. Husbandry, health and production fao animal production and health series, no 21f3017 by lebas, f. Discover book depositorys huge selection of animal husbandry books online.

Rabbits are popular characters in childrens fiction. This handbook is designed for intermediate level agricultural education and training. Sinha, dermatophytosis due to microsporum gypseum in a pet rabbitaa case report mykosen 25. Food and agriculture organization of the united nations rome, 1986. Good husbandry practices an overview sciencedirect topics. This basic rabbit care handout and infographic are part of lafebervets basic rabbit care teaching module. In ordinary times many of the small rabbit raisers dont bother to save the skins, but they do have some value. Rabbit meat is comparatively unpopular elsewhere in the asiapacific. Joining a rabbit club and attending rabbit shows are useful ways to learn about rabbit production, says karoline. Integrated farming is traditional in asia, especially in china and is now also applied in europe and, on a small scale, in africa and some latin. However, to build a successful, sustainable commercial rabbit farming business, you require sufficient knowledge of how to efficiently raise the rabbits, good management skills, and a good rabbit farming business plan. The rabbit often appears in folklore as the trickster archetype, and is also a symbol of fertility and spring. In nature, rabbits are twilightgrazing prey animals, delicate, gentle, curious, friendly, and nonaggressive. This book is an essential, thorough, very practical guide to understanding and caring for your rabbit.

They named their discovery ishepanham, meaning land or island of hyraxes. To fulfill the food demand for growing population, we have to find out different ways of food production. Husbandry, health and production fao animal production and health series, no 21f3017 on free shipping on qualified orders. You will need money for constructing the rabbit hutches, buying the breeding stock, buying the feeds e.

The fao estimates worldwide production of rabbit meat at around 1. Basic rabbit care handout and infographic lafebervet. Husbandry, health and production fao animal production and health series 9789251034415. In one report, a tyzzers disease outbreak was observed 710 days after rabbits were weaned and transferred to. Good husbandry practices including regular bedding changes and disinfection should decrease the likelihood of spreading c. House is important to keep the broiler rabbit in one roof and to prevent them from running away. Lots of alfalfa hay, lots of pellets, and veggies as treats. The first recorded rabbit husbandry was in early roman times, when rabbits were. More detailed guidance can be found in the related resources and references provided. Read unlimited books and audiobooks on the web, ipad, iphone and android.

If there are no ongoing health issues, a rabbit should visit the veterinarian each year for an annual exam, just as is typically done for a cat or dog. It is important to know that when raising rabbits for meat that the older the rabbit gets, the tougher the meat becomes. Devoted entirely to the pet rabbit, this book is a practical and concise guide to health, husbandry and diseases. Here we provide general information on the housing and husbandry requirements of laboratory rabbits. Crow and walshaws manual of clinical procedures in dogs, cats, rabbits and. Perhaps the greatest constraint to widespread rabbit breeding, however. Rabbit project development strategies in subsistence farming systems. Pathology of laboratory rodents and rabbits, 4th edition january 30, 2017 rabbit medicine and surgery. The designations employed and the presentation of material in this publication do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of the food and agriculture organization of the united nations concerning the legal status of any country, territory, city or area. Rabbit husbandry and care laboratory animal resources. Popular animal husbandry books showing 150 of 505 the smallscale poultry flock.

Husbandry, health and production fao animal production and health 2rev ed by food and agriculture organization of the united nations isbn. The perfect butchering age is around 8 weeks of age. Backyard rabbit farming in the tropics journey to forever. The illustrated text explains how to identify a plant stem using yam, groundnut, maize, kapok or baobab and cotton as examples. Good husbandry practices good husbandry practices should be employed to minimize stress, and since food is a common source of the organism, highquality feed should be used. A complete handbook on backy ard and commercial rabbit production.

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